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Cultural Weekends in Beautiful Places
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Weekend Break in the UK Weekend Break in the UK

Welcome -

Arts in Residence 

  promotes cultural breaks in beautiful places.

The Arts in Residence organisation offers classical music events and classical
music breaks in country houses and country hotels that have been picked for
their superbly appointed positions. They all create an atmosphere in
which you can enjoy the experience of music and the arts in style,
comfort and good company.
   The delicious food, excellent wine and friendly ambience are as 
important as the music you will hear and explore. Our prices for a 
weekend or midweek break are fully inclusive: accommodation, 
breakfast, morning coffee, lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner with 
wine are all provided. There are no hidden extras.
   We aim to create a friendly house party atmosphere with people who
have plenty in common. An Arts in Residence classical music break can
prove the music-event of your year.
Coming in the autumn:-

Richard Strauss

Dumbleton Hall Hotel, Vale of Evesham
Tuesday 4th-Thursday 6th November 2014

With Terry Barfoot & Musicians from the Royal Northern College of Music.
We will explore the life and music of Richard Strauss, one of the greatest
composers of the past two centuries, featuring some of his best loved works
while exploring some less famous but equally rewarding compositions. There
will be full programme notes and music examples on excellent hi-fi equipment,
as well as a live song recital. The Dumbleton Hall Hotel is a splendid and
traditional 19th century manor house set in 19 acres of private gardens and
woodland with a private lake. The hotel has stunning views of the Vale of
Evesham and across to the Cotswolds.
 Arts in Residence and Dumbleton Hall offer an excellent cuisine including
wine with dinner.  The event will end with afternoon tea on Thursday.
Arts in Residence	
also organises visits abroad on a variety of musical themes.
There have been "Opera extravaganzas" to Prague, Budapest,
Berlin, Vienna and Nuremberg.

The Elgar Society

The Elgar Society exists to promote
the appreciation of the public in
the life and music of Edward Elgar
through the provision of educational
programmes and activities to widen
knowledge of Elgar’s music for all.
The Society supports the Elgar
Birthplace museum in attracting the
general public to Elgar’s music and
life and is active in funding and
encouraging performances and recordings
of his works.  Through its many
activities the Society actively
encourages research into Elgar’s music
and publishes a scholarly journal three
times a year, which contains the results
of such research. This work is enhanced
by the support it gives to an ongoing
project to produce a scholarly edition
of Elgar’s music.  The Society has a
network of branches throughout the UK
and in North America, details of which
can be found at
Membership of the society includes
membership of your local branch, and confers
free entry to the Elgar Birthplace Museum.

Explore this site to find out more about Arts in Residence.
What happens at an Arts in Residence event?
If the event takes place, as most do, at a weekend, then the enjoyment
will start around 5pm on Friday afternoon. This is the scheduled time of
arrival at your chosen house or hotel.

You will be welcomed by your hosts, and after settling in, there will be
aperitifs before dinner. This will give you the chance to meet and get to
know the other members of the party. After dinner, in the comfortable
surroundings of the lounge, there will be a relaxing opportunity to introduce
some music relating to the topic for the event.

On Saturday morning you will have the opportunity to explore the music in
more depth with our lecturers, who are experienced and experts in their field.
There is more music in the afternoon after your return for tea, and before the
centrepiece of the weekend: aperitifs followed by the Saturday evening dinner
with wine.
The day closes with a little more music relating to the topic for the event.

On Sunday there will be more opportunities for exploring music. Sometimes
there will be a buffet or traditional Sunday lunch, while on other occasions the
pattern of the day will be similar to that on a Saturday. Departure will take
place either on Sunday afternoon after tea, or on Monday morning after
breakfast. Occasionally there will be appearances by guest artists.

  Peter Rhodes plays Mozart, Beethoven,
  Bartok and Liszt, at The Spring, Havant
  on Monday 3rd March 2014     

Enquiries: 02392 383356 or email us at Arts in Residence

Booking conditions
1) Customers are recommended to take out travel insurance, to avoid loss in the event
of having to cancel.
2) Should it become apparent, after booking, that a customer will be unable to attend
an event, Arts in Residence should be informed.  We will then try to fill the
vacant place(s). If we are successful, an ex-gratia refund, either in whole
or in part less a small administration fee, may be available at the discretion
of the Company.
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Enjoy classical music breaks with Arts in Residence

A typical
Music Event

Dillington House, Somerset
9th - 11th May 2014

The Music Room

The Dining Room

The House

Terry Barfoot, Director
of Arts in Residence

This month's
Did you know?

There have been many blind
musicians - in the past mostly
untaught, music teaching relying
much on written notation. In
ancient China, the court musician
was traditionally a blind person,
while in Europe there have been a
number of blind organists.
In addition to the Braille alpha-
bet for the blind, Louis Braille
also developed the musical
notation Braille Music.

 wait and see -


A musical conundrum

Imagine - a musical demon
decides that in future you
shall hear only music from
before or after a date you
must choose forthwith. Only
then will the demon tell you
which. What fateful date
would you choose?
email you choice, with
reasons/comments to the
"Did you know" Editor.


Residential events

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